DATE:            Thursday, March 31, 2016


PLACE:          The Brick Academy, Basking Ridge, NJ


PRESENT:      Tom Swift, Cindy Cristello, Janice Ernsting, Grant Lenahan, Anthony Wartel, Matt Fine, Chris Erven, Jeff Erven, Bill Gilbert, Steve Corodemus, Stu French, Dennis Thovson, Marlys Thovson, Sharon Doherty, Drew Karpinski, Knute Hancock, Tony Cristello, James Coleman, Ken Casterline, Walter Sliwa, Murray Kane


ABSENT:        Tom Iervolino, Nelly Wartel, Bob Knapik, Akemi Kane, Craig Mahon, Jose DeLaCruz,Scott Lynn, Michele Lynn, John Vogt, Leslie Schrem, Ed Pepe, Jeff Cafiero, Petra Swift,


CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Vice President, Tom Swift, at 7:30 pm


APPROVAL of MINUTES: See Motions Passed Prior to Meeting (below).


AGENDA:      [Agenda items in bold; meeting outcome in italics]


  1. Updates to Old Business:


  1. New Business:
  2. Sponsorship 2016+ – Bill and Steve to provide a brief overview and have two requests for us to think about and act on;
    1. In advance of the April 2016 meeting the request is that each participant come to the meeting with the suggestion of one or two potential sponsors.
    2. Request all committee chairs to scrupulously keep track of member attendance and to submit that to this committee. We will use this data to populate the membership map.
    3. BOG Nametags and Cost – Dennis and Marlys

Dennis and Marlys will assist in ordering new [magnetic] nametags in groups of 10 (vendor’s  lot size). Please advise them if you are in need of a nametag.

  1. C. Preliminary discussion re Old Rascal’s Night in 2017

Discussion and description of prior ‘Old Rascals’ Night’ events. An informal event committee consisting of Cindy & Tony Cristello, Dennis & Marlys Thovson, Sharon Doherty, and Stu French was convened.

III.  Updates/Supplements/Redirections to written Committee Chair reports: 

[updates appear following each respective report]



  1. Officers reports:[as submitted in advance; updates during/after the meeting in italics]

                        President: [Tom Iervolino] see Agenda above


Vice President: [Tom Swift]

We have about 85 entrants and 6 volunteer instructors signed up for Lime Rock.

Registration is open for NJMP1 and Mid Ohio.

Craig and I are slogging our way through this initial DE.  A bit painful, but the next one will be easier.

Secretary: [Cindy Cristello]  no report

Treasurer: [Janice Ernsting]

I have attached a preliminary report for March. Since this is the last day of the month, there is a chance that some transactions may clear today. All transactions, including outstanding checks, are reflected in the report with the exception of interest which will post tonight. I would only point out that we had a significant drop in our cash balance, due in a large part to the payments  in checks that were requested this week. Upcoming events at Lime Rock and NJMP in April should bring in significant cash, and since those events are now paid in full, should reverse this situation.

I will see you all at the meeting tonight. If you need reimbursement for any receipts, please bring the original receipts with you. If you have emailed receipts to me, I still need the originals for our files.


  1. Board and committee reports: [as submitted in advance; updates during/after the meeting in italics]


Autocross: [Grant Lenahan]

MetLife has pulled our two June and July dates from us.  I am working to execute the contract, just received for the remainder of the dates which does include the April event and the Car Control Clinic on May 1st.

At the moment we ahem ~ 50 signed up for the April event, and a similar number for the CCC, including 4 sports reserved from Flemington Porsche.

I am working to find one or more alternative sites for the June and July Autocrosses. The Raritan center lot is available, and I am working through logistics. It is vastly smaller. If anyone lives or works nearby and could inspect it – both for condition and re-assessing its size after so many years away, the AX team would appreciate it.

We are also working to make the AX trailer road-worthy, with the expectation that Bill can use it to bring all our equipment to events, along with a car.  It is currently at the trailer service location being checked.

There are quite a few items in the trailer that must be removed – old tires, wheels, and signs that have nothing to do with Autocross.  If anyone knows their rightful owners, please claim them or notify us. At some point we must re-cycle them.

Last year we deferred many expenses – Axware maintenance, timing equipment replacement, cone replacement and others.  I will be making these investments over the next few months.

Finally, Sharon continues to work closely with Flemington to help them take advantage of their sponsorship and hopefully ensure continued participation with NNJ


[ADDITION TO A/X REPORT – Sharon Doherty]

With reference to the Flemington Porsche sponsorship, we are proceeding slowly. Efforts to meet with Ed Goddard and Rich Karas continue to be postponed and rescheduled.

A meeting with Joe Arbadji, the person in charge of advertising, was scheduled for this past Tuesday morning (March 1, 2016) but was postponed until Friday, March 4.

A meeting with Rich, Grant and Sharon was scheduled for this past Tuesday (March 1, 2016) however this meeting was postponed because Ed wanted to be part of the discussion. The meeting has been tentatively rescheduled for Tuesday, March 8; time to be determined by Ed and Rich. Grant has been advised of the date.

Because of the timeliness of obtaining decisions on signage for the autocross events and t-shirt design for the CCC, I stopped in to Flemington Porsche on my way back from grocery shopping. I got a chance to sit down with Rich for a short time and tried to drive home the importance of having these decisions ASAP. Rich promised to talk with Ed about completing these decisions.

It is my understanding that Flemington will be providing us with a banner to use for the entire autocross season which will be one less expense for us.

I also dropped a suggestion for long-sleeved T-shirts to be used for the CCC as we have had many requests for this. Since I was wearing one of my “thank you” shirts from DE, Rich saw the potential for better display of the name “Flemington” (i.e. on the left sleeve). I am subtlety working on having Flemington pay for the T-shirts.


Charity: [Anthony and Nelly Wartel]

Thank you letters/donation acknowledgements were mailed out to all who donated items at the 2015 NNJR Charity Auction.

If anyone who donated to the 2105 Charity Auction and did not receive an acknowledgement letter please contact Nelly and Anthony Wartel at


Club Racing: [Craig Mahon]  no report


Communications: [Matt Fine] no report


Concours: [Chris Erven and Jeff Erven]

The Concours events continued with a great turnout at the March 20, Gathering of the Faithfull held At John Vogt’s’ High Marques.  John fed around 60 signed in attendees, I think closer to 100 and 26 Judges attended the workshop.  The next big event is April 10th at Paterek Brothers.  We are working on future events but have some scheduling problems we will discuss at the Board meeting.


Dealer Liaison/Sponsorship: [Bill Gilbert and Steve Corodemus] see above


Driver Education: [Tom Swift] see report under Vice President (above)


Historian: [Stu French and Bob Knapik]

2nd installation of Throwback Porsche article- “Decade of the ‘60s” prepared by Bob & Stu, with editing and image enhancement provided by DennisT submitted to MicheleL for inclusion in upcoming P4US

Article covering Sebring DE via AutoTrain also awaits publication as space permits, space appears to be backing up

Just returned from Amelia Concours (3-13) and Sebring 12-Hr (3-19) capturing images/material for  combined future publication and/or presentation

“Decade of 70s” article next to be researched and prepared as part of Throwback Porsche series leading up to 2017 60th Anniversary


Mailing and Distribution: [Dennis Thovson]

Mailing data for the March issue of Porscheforus was sent to the our Mailer on March 9th. The issue itself was delivered to the Mailer late on Thursday the 10th  and to the Post Office on Monday March 14th


Membership: [Marlys Thovson]

We ended the month of March with 2211 primary members (minus 6 from February). New members totaled 20, prior members rejoining 6, late renewals 17 and on-time renewals 178 (includes 50 prior multi-year renewals). Forty-seven members did not renew on-time for the March 31st cut-off. Four members transferred-out and 4 members transferred-in.


New Member: [Sharon Doherty and Akemi Kane]

As of this report, the advertisement for the Welcome to the Club event has been posted on our website; both the announcement and a link to the entry form.  We contacted Ford Shaw and set an appointment with him and Maria Florio, Director of Community Relations for Employment Horizons. The meeting is more for a meet and greet with Maria and to review what is needed to make the event successful for the club and for Employment Horizons. Those representing NNJR-PCA at the meeting will be John Vogt, Jeff Erven, Akemi and Murray Kane and Sharon Doherty.

Maria requested an electronic copy of the WTTC event announcement and intends to post it on the Employment Horizons web site. This is to inform friends and family about the event and encourage them to come out and meet NNJR-PCA. We appreciate the enthusiasm Employment Horizons has for our annual event.

To date we have one (1) entry in the event, we are well on our way to success!

The request for New Member Subsidy from National has been submitted to Pete Tremper and we have received confirmation from him that the request has been forwarded to the National Office. Confirmation was received from Pete on February 22, 2016.


Planning: [Drew Karpinski] no report


Program: [Scott Lynn]             no report


Publications-Business Mgr: [Knute Hancock]

I am looking into the cost for more color pages.

Some advertisers have expressed interest of possible full page color ads.

Currently we are maxed out on color ads.

Second quarter invoices were mailed out March 7.


Publications-P4US Editor: [Michele Lynn] no report


Px: [Jose DeLaCruz] no report


Rally/Trek: [John Vogt]

The WTTC rally is all mapped out. The roads around the EH facility are not NJ’s most scenic but a few miles away we get to view what I like best. The riddles, jokes, & views will be great.


Safety: [Leslie Shrem] no report


Social:  [Cindy and Tony Cristello]

The Chocolate Tasting was well-attended with 53 participants.

We are still reviewing venues for the Holiday party in Dec.

Preliminary planning/discussions have begun regarding a reprise of “Old Rascals Night” as one of our 60th anniversary celebrations.


Technical:  [Ken Casterline and James Coleman]

March 19th, we successfully held the Stable Energy New Equipment and Safety Tech.  We had planned for an attendance of 40, and had an actual attendance of 26. Bob, Laurette and Joe demonstrated the importance of proper helmet fit and how individuals should determine if the fit is right. Significant advances have been made and are now available, for the Hans and Simpson head/neck safety devices; a short video that showed the forces that come into play on the head and neck when an accident occurs, really brought that message home.  The Stable Energy presentation also incorporated a discussion on fire extinguishers, race and track seats, track safety belts and roll cages, as well as various other areas of safety and track monitoring equipment of interest.

In April we have two workshops planned:

  1. On April 2nd we go to Flemington Porsche for a Drive-by Tech.  This workshop is directed towards those members who seldom have their cars on a lift and “tech inspected”; who have questions about their cars relative to  current problems and  potential problems and ongoing trends.
  2. On April 7th  Part 2 of the Paul Miller new model 991.2  presentation will take place. It will be unlike any that has been hosted by Paul Miller Porsche for NNJR in the past.  This year Paul Miller Porsche plans to hold the tech session as a part of the 991.2 launch. The new model public announcement will showcase cars on the floor as well as on lifts. The launch will include a special invitation to NNJR members, and the club will featured as an honored partner and guest. Launch date is Thursday evening, April 7, 2016 from 6 to 8:00 PM.  The traditional New Model Tech that had been scheduled for April 23rd, has been cancelled. Watch your mails for notice of the Paul Miller Porsche 991 generation 2 New Model Launch.


Track Tech: [Walter Sliwa and Ed Pepe]

We had are first Tech yesterday at Flemington Porsche.

It was well attended by volunteers. (Thank you all)

We inspected 21 cars 2 failed for brake fluid.

All other cars passed


Webmaster: [Jeff Cafiero]

Mid-month we did have a problem with our email system which has been fixed our website providers moved us to another server and in redirecting web traffic to the new server the assumption that our email also needed to be redirected.

I have completed the National PCA Website Contest forms and submitted.


Yearbook: [Petra Swift] no report


ZONE 1 Report [Murray Kane]

As noted in last report registration for the Zone 1 Concours & Rally is going well. Planning is also going well for the event. Registration is slow so we will send another blast the beginning of April.

Jeff McFadyen and I will be attending the Zone 1  Presidents meeting next month.

Zone 1 is looking for volunteers to help at the Clash at the Glen starting Thursday afternoon June 2 till Sunday June 5. There are half day shifts available and the more you volunteer, the more swag you get. Sign up is on the Zone 1 Web site.

48 Hours at the Glen registration opens April 1.

Clash at the Glen registration opens April 18 at 12 PM EST.

On National level Parade registration for your event selection will open April 4 and 12PM










NEXT MEETING:   Thursday May 5, 2016, 7:00pm (pizza), 7:30pm (meeting) at The Brick Academy
FUTURE MEETINGS:  Wednesday June 1, Thursday July 7, Thursday August 4, Wednesday August 31, Thursday October 6, Thursday November 3, Sunday December TBD.


ADJOURNMENT: Upon a motion made by James Coleman, and seconded by Grant Lenahan, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.


Respectfully Submitted,


Cindy Cristello, Secretary