What to Expect

Before we dive into the day’s mechanics, here’s a nice video that NER produced – enjoy!

NER Autocross Video – watch me!

The autocross day starts early. Organizers will be on site around 6AM to start laying out the course, but there is no need for participants to be there before 7:30 or 8:00 (unless you want to help). When you arrive, park by a friend or others with cars similar to yours. Unload your car of everything that is not screwed down, including map pockets, glove compartments and trunk. You do not have to remove your spare tire, though you may.

Registration will open up around 8:00. Get in line, know your Class (see elsewhere on this web site, or we will help you at registration) and have your money ready. In order to provide you more drive time (runs), we plan to limit our registration to approximately 70 participants.

  • PCA Members: $70 (pre-registered) $80 (walk-up)
  • Non-Members: $75 (pre-registered) $85 (walk-up)

Exact change is always appreciated

Pre-registration is via

note: the last few events have sold out online, so if you do show up, there is no guarantee there will be space for you….

When you pre-register, you are not only creating a registration, but selecting the class your car belongs in and you wish to participate in. Our 2015 Autocross Classes Worksheet is on the “AX documents” page.  You should also download, read and sign the AX Tech Form 2015, also linked on and on our “AX documents” page.  You will fill out the registration form and you will receive your car number for the day. Write your car number on both sides of your car, using painter’s tape if needed, as large as practical.  You should also leave your tech form under the windshield wiper, — the tech inspector(s) will look to make sure your car has been properly emptied, tires and suspension appear safe, your helmet meets requirements and there are no obvious fluid leaks. Please help them by opening your hood and trunk. You do not have to be present for tech. When you have passed tech, there will be an indicator (typically a tape mark on a headlight) that you car has passed tech and the number recorded.

You will also receive your flagging (Course Worker) assignment at registration. It could be a morning assignment, afternoon or both. Flagging is very important and involves reporting cones that have been hit in the vicinity of your station, replacing cones and stopping the action if an unsafe condition presents itself.  Autocross only functions if we all work, making it possible for others to run!

Immediately after registration we will announce that the course is open for walking. You should (it is really essential) walk the course. You cannot walk the course too many times. No matter how well you think you know it, it will look different through the windshield at 45 mph. Walk with other people and discuss the “line”. There will be a special walk-through for novices conducted by an expert, probably around 9:30. Listen for the announcement.  Being able to walk the course several times is the BEST reason to get to the event early.

Finally there will be a driver’s meeting around 9:45. We will discuss safety and the conduct of the program. We will announce whether odd or even numbered cars will be running first. The non-running car drivers will be flagging, if they have a morning assignment. Cars that are running will be asked to bring their cars to the staging area.

Ready? Good luck!

To recap:

  • Registration opens 8:00 am
  • Walk The Course (when announced)
  • Novice Walk-Through approx. 9:30 am
  • Driver’s Meeting approx. 9:45 am
  • First Car Off approx. 10:00 am
  • End Of Day Trophies approx. 4:00 pm

What should I bring?

  • An appetite for fun!
  • Proof of pre-registration or the entrance fee in the form of a check or the exact amount in cash
  • Know the class in which you will be competing before registration—see link for class specifications
  • Helmet that meets current specification (see—loan helmet are available.
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Folding chair
  • Water and lunch
  • Painter’s tape
  • Pen and paper
  • Medication, if required. If you have allergies or a medical condition that requires special care, please wear the appropriate medical alert for that condition.