Autocross School (and Test&Tune)

updated for 2016 season

Registration opens at 8AM. Please arrive by 8.

Anticipated date (to be confirmed): July 24, 2016

This event is NNJR’s 2nd instructional event in the Autocross program, the first being the Car Control Clinic (May 1st — all over).

This Autocross school is intended for:

1. Drivers who want to learn more about the tactics and skills needed to Autocross
2. Drivers who want an opportunity to learn how to drive and control their car – at speed and under heavy cornering – in a controlled and safe environment.
3. Experienced drivers who want a learning venue with instructors available, and lots of runs.

Unlike a traditional autocross, the focus of this event will be on learning, not times or competition.  It will also be strictly limited to 45 participants so that we can give lots of 1:1 instruction, and so that you get lots of “track time” to practice your skills, car control, etc.  Because this event will have a combination of “exercises” (like the CCC) and a full course, it is in some ways a more advanced event than the CCC – it allows you to “put it all together”.  With luck we may get 12-16 runs each through the day.

Our events are open to non-PCA members and non-Porsche cars, though we will give priority to NNJR member and PCA members.

Fees are $90 for PCA Members or $95 for non-PCA members.

Pre-registration and pre-payment is required, at  There will be no refunds, although if you cannot attend and advise us in advance, we will provide you credit toward a future Autocross event.

Register following link above: (registration will open ~ 6 weeks before the event)

Student’s Handout (‘classroom’ document)

Student Handout

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