• Palmer backwards?

    Well done video on driving Palmer clockwise. NER will be holding an exciting three-day event at Palmer June 8-10.  Hope to see you there. To see the video – click here -> .Plamer Clockwise

  • 2018 DE Schedule

    NNJR’s 2018 Track Schedule is here! Although our track season came to a close back in late October, we’ve been hard at working finalizing the schedule for 2018.  NNJR is recognized as having one of the largest and best high-performance driving programs in the country – and it’s a reputation we work hard to keep.  […]

  • NNJR Porsche Club Wine Tasting October 1, 2017

    Submitted by Sharon Cohen This was a spectacular event from start to finish. I was welcomed with a charming champagne to taste and thoroughly enjoyed every sip. The event was hosted by the Social Chairs Anthony and Cindy Cristello. I have not been to an NNJR wine tasting event in many years and this one […]


    REPORT OF THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE   The Nominating Committee, exercising its duties as representatives of the NNJR Membership, has nominated the following candidates to serve on the Board of Governors for the calendar year 2018:   PRESIDENT                Tom Swift VICE PRESIDENT       Janice Ernsting SECRETARY                Cindy Cristello TREASURER               Shannon Muller GOVERNOR               Chris […]